Monday, January 28, 2008

DotA Tutorial - Heroes Guides

Sentinel Taverns

Morning Tavern

Vengeful SpiritLord of the OlympiaEnchantressMorphing
Crystal MaidenRogue KnightNaga SirenEarthshaker
Stealth AssasinLone DruidSlayerJuggernaut

Sunrise Tavern

SilencerTreant ProtectorEnigmaKeeper of the Light
Ursa WarriorOgre MagiTinkerProphet
Phantom LancerStone GiantGoblin TechiesHoly Knight

Dawn Tavern

BeastmasterTwin Head DragonAlchemistPriestess of the Moon
Storm SpiritSacred WarriorTemplar AssassinFaerie Dragon

Light Tavern

Moon RiderDwarven SniperTroll WarlordShadow Shaman
BristlebackPandaren BrewmasterCentaur WarchiefBounty Hunter
Dragon KnightAnti-MageDrow RangerOmniknight

Scourge Taverns

Midnight Tavern

Soul KeeperTormented SoulLichDeath Prophet
Demon WidthVenomancerMagnataurNecro\'lic
Chaos KnightLycanthropeBroodmotherPhantom Assassin

Evening Tavern

GorgonNight StalkerSkeleton KingDoom Bringer
Nerubian AssassinSlithereen GuardQueen of PainBone Fletcher
Faceless VoidNetherdrakeLightning RevenantLifestealer

Twilight Tavern

OblivionTidehunterBane ElementalNecrolyte
ButcherSpiritbreakerNerubian WeaverShadow Fiend
Sand KingAxeBloodseekerLord of Avernus

Dust Tavern

SpectreWitch DoctorObsidian DestroyerWarlock
GeomancerShadow PriestPit LordUndying
Dark Seer


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