Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DotA 6.49 Secret Boss - Kael the Invoker

PA - Kael the Invoker

Max movement speed 522

100% critical rate

Linken sphere negate with 0sec cooldown

Worths 20k gold

How to unlock Kael the Invoker

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jinzofabian said...

hi im juz a newbie and i know that another hero that can 1v1 kael the invoker is naix the lifestealer... his 2nd skill feast, can lifesteal and deal 7% of the damage delt to him... btw nice video... and i lure invoker to fountain b4 and he did not DIE instead he kill my fountain... i lure it with vengeful spirit and BoT and of cuz in wtf mode... and keep ulti then BoT to the nearest tower... on the way he destroyed few of my towers too haha... tats all thz and bye... btw in in gg client too my username is jinzofabian add me if u want... thz