Monday, February 25, 2008

DotA AI Maps - How to easily win 5 insane enemies?

Choices of heroes

There are some choices of heroes, which could easily win 5 insane enemies.

For example,



You need some basic (should have said, advanced) skills, such as farming, good timing for casting skills, etc.


There are some good items, depends on your choice of hero and of course the enemies' heroes.

For example,

Boot of Travel (good to have for all hero)
Divine Rapier (for attacker, normally only attackers could 1 on 5 insanes)
Heart of Terrasque (for higher HP and HP regens)
Satanic (good vampire percentage)
Hood (for magic resistance, if enemies are mages)
Assault Cruise (for attacker as well)
Butterfly (evasion and attack speed)
Black King Bar (depends, if enemies are mages)
Crow (could make some differences)

If you have some good opinions, feel free to share around...

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me said...

i have replay using the sniper win the 5 insane in -apemne mode....lolz